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Vmax Autobox V62J and V62W, Whole Body Plethysmograph (not available within EEU)


Vmax  Encore PFT/CPET system (not available within EEU)

The versatile Vmax® Encore system can be configured to meet the demands of various settings. The Vmax Encore system features:

  • Spirometry testing.
  • Comprehensive pulmonary function testing (PFT) and respiratory mechanics.
  • Cardiopulmonary stress testing.
  • Energy expenditure data.


Extensive software applications, including:

  • Advanced SentrySuite® software workflow.
  • SentryConnect EMR connectivity.
  • NET software remote data access.


Vmax Encore 22 comprehensive PFT system

The Vmax Encore 22 comprehensive pulmonary function testing (PFT) system delivers an efficient and extremely flexible design, containing all the tests, features and capabilities you require in one fully integrated, compact platform.

In addition to spirometry, the Vmax Encore 22 performs all the essential PFT tests, including:

  • Lung volume by nitrogen washout with automatic leak detection.
  • Diffusing capacity, ATS recommended real-time single breath and intra-breath (validated, non-breath holding).
  • Maximum inspiratory and expiratory pressures.
  • 1 for measuring CO2 response.
  • Closing volumes.


Vmax Encore Autobox cabin

Plethysmographic testing provides fast, precise measurements of both thoracic gas volume (VTG) and resistance (Raw).

Key features include:

  • Lung volume, resistance and spirometry tests.
  • Two cabin sizes—standard and 1,400 L wide body plethysmograph.
  • All tests can be performed in the box, including gas dilution, so “trapped gas” (difference between body box lung volume and gas dilution lung volume) can be quantified.
  • Both VTG and Raw can be obtained via the conventional panting technique or quiet breathing technique.
  • Transmural (through the wall) patient breathing allows compression-free FVL measurements that accurately determine patient effort.


Cardiopulmonary exercise testing

The Vmax Encore system helps increase your capabilities by acquiring data via breath-by-breath, mixing chamber and dilution modes.

Key features include:

  • Interface options to improve testing comfort and quality.
  • Graphic overlay for up to four patients’ statuses for training and rehabilitation.
  • Built-in PhysioCal for instrument performance verification and test quality.
  • Customizable exercise interpretation.
  • Automatic metabolic slope calculation exercise-response quantification.
  • Simultaneous exercise diffusing capacity and exercise tidal breathing flow/volume loops.
  • Eight-channel analog input and output for flow, volume and gas concentrations and device integration (e.g., pulse oximeter).
  • Spreadsheet-style automatic color coding and real time or post-test data entry.


Energy expenditure

The Vmax Encore Metabolic Cart provides highly accurate resting energy expenditure (REE) and substrate metabolism test data on patients varying from healthy ambulatory athletes to critical ventilator patients.

Key features include:

  • Mixing chamber or breath-by-breath technology to determine REE.
  • Ventilator bias-flow VO2 and VCO2 calculation with simple, trouble-free patient interface.
  • Real-time steady state notifications that automatically calculate steady state conditions (up to four levels).
  • Substrate partitioning and computer-assisted interpretations.
  • Pressure-corrected gas sample lines.

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