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The VAVD Controller is a mechanical regulator that allows vacuum to be regulated through a sealed venous reservoir with the intent of performing Vacuum Assisted Venous Drainage (VAVD) during cardiovascular procedures. Positive and negative pressure relief valves are incorporated into the VAVD.

Safe Operation
The VAVD Controller ensures that the vacuum applied to the venous reservoir is continuously accurate. When the controller is turned on, the level of vacuum applied is easily regulated. The controller has pressure relief valves that protect the venous reservoir from a pressure above +3 mmHg or a pressure below -100 mmHg. In the off position the reservoir is open to the atmosphere.

Hanger for pole mounting
The accessories "Hanger for pole mounting" can be used for mounting the VAVD on a pole.

Simple tubing set
The sterile tubing set with moisture trap provides correct and easy connection between the controllerand the reservoir and is recommended for the use with the controller.The moisture trap has a self-adhesive pad to enable it to be easily attached to the reservoir surface – no special holder is require

Maintenance made simple
An optional maintenance kit, which includes a replacement control membrane, is available.


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