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TWISTA SP 1070 surgical aspiration unit



With a freeflow of 58 litres/minute at a maximum vacuum of -90 kPa, the TWISTA SP 1070 is a surgical aspirator with exceptionally high performance, especially designed for the reliable continuous operation in the operating theatre. This is how the TWISTA SP 1070 enables you to remove large quantities of septic fluid, blood and serous liquids –including the particles therein – fast and over a long period of time from natural and artificial body orifices.

The low operational sound levels of the suction unit based on an innovative noise insulation and the compact, space-saving design for a flexible workflow alone show that the TWISTA SP 1070 is the ideal partner for every operating theatre. Other crucial and positive features are the ergonomic modern design for fast and simple operation as well as excellent levels of hygiene attainable.

An innovative, modular overflow protection system not only provides the TWISTA SP 1070 with reliable protection against oversuction, but saves costs, too. The same applies to the broad range of possible application-specific accessories and the maintenance-friendly, durable construction.

*58 litres freeflow / minute at max. vacuum of -90 kPa
*Modular overflow protection system
*Large vacuum gauge
*Economic drive unit
*Low operational sound levels
*Bacterial filter at the air outlet
*Practice-oriented application sets


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