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Thawing and warming of plasma and blood products – safe and reliable


The Barkey plasmatherm thaws FFP bags and warms blood, erythrocyte concentrates (EC), cryopreserved preparations, cryopreserved stem cells (HPC) and infusion solutions.
Benefits at a glance:
• Thaw 4 bags at a time
• Dry thawing due to unique technology
• Simple and intuitive application
• High standard of hygiene due to dry warming (no direct contact to water)
• Change of water just once a year
• Smooth surfaces and rounded edges ease cleaning after leakage incident
• 2 leak detection sensors provide a highly reduced risk contamination and infection
• Easy to clean through wipe disinfection
• Electronic documentation through the Barkey TCP Logging Tool (optional)
• Shortcuts for plasma (FFP), blood, HPC and user program
• Large display with plain text
• Cushion conforms to bags
• Electronic and mechanical overtemperature alarm


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