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SERVO-i Infant offers a wealth of features and functionalities for treating neonatal and pediatric patients. Its unparalleled sensitivity helps clinicians to deliver the best care for the smallest patients.
Some of the key features and benefits of SERVO-i Infant are:

* The sensitive Servo trigger gives a fast response time, which ensures comfort and prevents the patient fighting the ventilator.
* The unique Nasal CPAP ventilation that will ensure that the set CPAP pressure is constantly maintained and thus stabilizes the chest wall, improves oxygenation and recruits collapsed alveoli.
* The Possibility to choose between the ultra fast and precise internal Servo measurement system and Y-sensor measuring, both ensuring a high degree of accuracy in pressure and flow.

SERVO-i Infant can easily be upgraded with additional functionality and/or a wider patient range. Backwards compatibility ensures that future functionality can be added. MAQUET can offer you to try out new functions or modes during a number of weeks.
For more information please contact your local MAQUET representative.


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