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Perfusor® fm – The precision syringe pump for anesthesia and intensive care medicine

  • Simple and safe, both in operation and application
  • Clearly structured user interface with proven keypad fascia with 10 raised keys that have positive click action
  • Important parameters are always visible at a single glance
  • Easy settings, automatic dose calculation
  • Direct entry of drug parameters according to dosage instructions
  • Automatic calculation of the delivery rate based on the entered values for patient body weight
  • Quick adjustment of dosage without interrupting infusion

Freely selectable functions for anesthesia

  • Activation of preset boluses, e.g. initial bolus for hypnotic or interval boluses for muscle relaxant
  • Effectiveness-based application as long as the button is pressed with simultaneous display of bolus size
  • Selectable agent-based or volumetric entry of bolus size
  • Automatic syringe fixation – reduces syringe exchange time
  • Excellent start-up reaction, maximum delivery accuracy and constancy even at low infusion rates
  • Cover a wide range of therapies with just one pump
  • Installation of therapy modules spares a special device:
  • PCA-module for patient-controlled analgesia
  • HISTORY-module for time-related data storage of up to 400 events

PCA for Perfusor® fm

Function spectrum

Application parameters/range of settings:
– Bolus volume 0.1…9.9 ml
– Lockout time 1min…4h
– Initial bolus 0…3 x bolus volume
– Basal rate 0…20.0 ml/h
– Bolus rate 1…999.9 ml/h
– Observation interval 1…8h
– Dosage limitation 0…500 ml
– Date and time h/min
– Code 0000…9999
Configuration of standard values/limitations and bolus rate: only in conjunction with a PCA
configuration plug


  • Status display: PCA operation, bolus infusion, pre-selected parameters, total volume administered within pre-selected observation interval, ratio of bolus volume administered andbolus demand
  • Statement/report query: remaining lockout time, pre-selected dosage limitation, all bolus demands/volumes administered with corresponding timings, total volume administered since beginning of therapy, 12/24h volume

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