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OPX mobilis® – Universal Operating Tables with remote control, satisfying high demands in surgery

  • Double security: Not only electro-hydraulic adjustment by means of remote control but also manual positioning by preselector and pump lever
  • Electro-hydraulic backrest: Electro-hydraulic adjustment of the back section by remote control or manually by means of preselector and pump lever (mobilis RC 40 models only)
  • Three-way pedal for straight forward movement, turning on the spot, free swivelling and central brake
  • Remote Control

Remote Control:

One-touch adjustment of table movement, easy to clean and desinfectant-proof
Activating Key:
against accidental table movement
O-Position Key:
automatically returns the table top back to its starting position
Reverse-Mode Key:
shifting table functions over to reverse mode when the patient has been positionned in inverted way
Battery Control


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