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• Easy and safe parenteral nutrition
• Metabolic advantages through simultaneous administration of all nutrients with one infusion
• The only 3-chamber bag with Lipofundin® MCT/LCT – the state of the art lipid emulsion
• Reduces work load and total cost for TPN
• Available with and without electrolytes

Product range
NuTRIflex® Lipid peri

• Peripheral parenteral nutrition
• Supplementary nutrition
• In combination with enteral nutrition
• Specially designed for Low Glucose Nutrition
• (LGN) Therapy (peripheral and central venous)

NuTRIflex® Lipid plus
• Central venous parenteral nutrition for moderately increased requirements
• Easy to calculate: 1 ml = 1 kcal

NuTRIflex® Lipid special
• If volume-restricted parenteral nutrition is required
• In situations with high nutritional demands

NuTRIflex® Lipid without electrolytes (plus and special)
• For individualized electrolyte administration

• Different balanced regimens for peripheral and central venous application suitable for at least
• 80 % of the patients requiring TPN
• Allows the simultaneous administration of all required nutrients out of one container
• Contains MCT/LCT lipid emulsion
• Electrolyte-containing versions cover the basic needs for electrolytes and zinc
• Electrolyte-free versions for individualized electrolyte administration
• Easy and safe handling
• 24-month shelf life at room temperature

• Light Protection Cover (Art. No. 211 2112)
• Suitable for all sizes of NuTRIflex® Lipid


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