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MasterScreen CPX, Complete metabolic cart


The versatile JAEGER® MasterScreen CPX is the accurate and reliable system that allows the determination of a subjects‘ metabolic response. It can measure both children and adults, from patients to athletes; collecting full breath-by-breath data. The main measured/calculated parameters are: V’O2, V’CO2, RER, V’O2/kg, V’E, BF, VTex, EqO2, EqCO2, BR FEV%, PETO2, PETCO2, REE, FAT, CHO, PROT and many more.

  • Breath-by-breath measurement of gas exchange for stress testing and energy expenditure.
  • Dynamic Flow-Volume Loops help to assess a ventilatory limitation and consequently provide information about a possible distribution or diffusion disorder on the basis of additional parameters, such as FetO2, FetCO2, P(A-a)O2, etc.
  • MasterScreen CPX can determine the basal metabolic rate and exercise-dependent energy expenditure (EE), including macronutrient breakdown, to help optimize and control training.
  • The fully automated calibration of both the flow sensor and gas analyzers reduces start-up time and potential for error.
  • Software includes automated calculations such as Anaerobic Threshold types (AE, AT and RCP), displays colour-coded parameters for upper and lower limits of normal, sub-program macros for user-definable controls such as automated blood pressure recording.
  • 12-Lead ECG and Polar Heart Rate options.
  • Ergometer and treadmill control from CPX software.
  • IntelliSupport software guides physicians through the interpretation of the data using an easy-to-follow graphical flow chart, based on the accepted guidelines and predicted values described by Professor Wasserman.



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