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MasterScreen BabyBody and Pediatric, Complete Infant Pulmonary function testing system


JAEGER® MasterScreen is a suite of lung function tests ranging from simple spirometry to complete lung function analysis. Our MasterScreen BabyBody system tests babies and premature infants in a transparent plethysmograph. The MasterScreen Pediatric system tests infants and children focusing on easy to perform tests of tidal breathing analysis and double occlusion Airways Resistance.

  • The MasterScreen BabyBody interfaces seamlessly to our adult diagnostic systems providing a comprehensive lung function database to trend patient outcomes from birth through adolescence and into adulthood.
  • The MasterScreen BabyBody is FDA approved for use in preterm and term infants without any restriction to age or length.
  • Complete measurements of Functional Residual Capacity and Airways with a simple, automated technique that allows repeated measures within a few minutes.
  • All data can be manipulated whenever required, thereby maximizing time efficiency.
  • Test more patients with less effort using the fully-integrated, proprietary Impulse Oscillometry (IOS) system for collecting reliable airways resistance data and bronchodilator response with normal tidal breathing.
  • ROCC, double occlusion resistance provides a useful screening tool that is both fast and reliable.

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