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Injekt® – Single use two-piece syringes 1 – 20 ml

  • Green plunger for easy recognition of the filling volume
  • Smooth and steady plunger action – silicone- and latex-free
  • Safe plunger back-stop for easy aspiration up to the maximum
  • volume
  • Black graduation for ideal contrast and readability
  • High barrel transparency simplifies inspection of the syringe’s content
  • Extended graduation allows for exact dosage beyond the nominal volume and encourages the use of small-volume syringes for intermediate volumes

nominal                     usable up to

2 ml                                  3 ml

5 ml                                 6 ml

10 ml                            12 ml

20 ml                            24 ml

  • Made of polypropylene / polyethylene
  • Color-coded dispenser box for quick identification by size

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