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Infusomat® P – The volumetric infusion pump for use with Intrafix® IV administration sets

Infusion Equipment-Devices,

Compatible with I.V. administration sets made of PVC

  • The compatibility of all Intrafix® Air P and Intrafix® Primeline Classic/Comfort I.V. administration sets with theb Infusomat® P allows trouble-free use of this volumetric infusion pump even in peripheral wards

High operation convenience for safe procedures

  • The large display and ergonomic design of the user interface with our proven 10-key input panel makes it easy to enter parameters

The safety system for less stress during monitoring

  • A flow clamp prevents “free flow” when the pump door is opened
  • The air detector minimizes the risk of air infusion
  • Adjustable pressure limits result in a reduction of the bolus volume and a shorter alarm reaction time in the event of system occlusion

Accomplish different tasks easily at one touch of a key

  • Direct entry or automatic calculation of the delivery rate as a result following entry of both volume and time. The rate can be adjusted, if necessary, without stopping the infusion
  • Individual bolus administration by pre-selectable parameters
  • Administration of dosage units according to body weight and/or time. Easy input of parameters; automatic calculation of the delivery rate

Modular system options

  • The Infusomat® P offers extensive options for adoption to future requirements
  •  Installation of modules with expanded system capabilities (memory cards) eliminates the need for using special devices (e.g. history module for time-related documentation of up to 400 actions)



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