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CONAXX, user friendly and complete: the CONAXX image acquisition system


CONAXX image acquisition system

CONAXX is a user-friendly and intuitionally operable system for the acquisition of x-ray images. On a touchscreen (optional accessory) the software guides you in a user-friendly way through the complete workflow according to the process in a practice or clinic. CONAXX supports you in operating the CR- or DR-system, image processing and optimization, up to data transfer for subsequent image diagnosis and archiving. In addition, CONAXX offers a wide range of supplemental functions (e.g. support for EMR and various DICOM-services), which are bundled in individual modules.

The system comprises the following functions:

Patient identification

  • manual entering of new patients
  • acceptance from patient administration systems via EMR
  • automatic worklist acceptance (SCU) incl. transfer of jobs (DICOM Input Module, optional)
  • DICOM query (part of optional DICOM Input Module)

Creation of x-ray jobs

  • creation of x-ray jobs with body part selection incl. allocation of correct scan mode
  • automated creation of multiple scan jobs in one step
  • general and patient-oriented job management
  • generator operation (DR version only, optional)
  • X-ray Journal Module (optional) with automatic take-over of the dose area product meter

Image preview and optimization

  • realtime image preview
  • “crop”-function (cutting of images for data reduction)
  • comments, turn, flip/mirror, L/R-marks and annotations
  • automatic window levelling and interactive histogram
  • brightness and contrast functions
  • selection of various standard filters
  • Advanced Image Processing Module (optional), among others with “black surrounding” and auto-processing
  • Gridline Suppression Module (optional)

Data transfer and archiving

  • creation of DICOM-file with header information, alternatively in 16 or 12 bit
  • various processes for image compression (DICOM Compression Module, optional)
  • feedback to worklist-server (DICOM Input Module, optional) or patient/practice administration system (EMR Module)
  • image export as DICOM file or JPEG, TIFF, BITMAP
  • image sending by email (JPEG, TIFF, BITMAP)
  • DICOM Store – transfer of images to a DICOM compliant PACS (e.g. PROPAXX)
  • internal “safety-archive” with automatic memory adjustment
  • printing images on Windows printer and through DICOM Print Module (optional)

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