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Cerabone® is a ceramic bone substitute for permanent bone filling or reconstruction of aseptic bone defects.

Cerabone® is manufactured from bovine cancellous bone and is in its set-up and structure nearly identical to that of human bone.

Cerabone® is manufactured from bovine cancellous bone under consistently standardized conditions. By processing under high temperature for several hours (sintering > 1,200 °C), the interconnecting macro- and microporous hydroxyapatite ceramic system achieves a higher compressive strength than human trabecular bone.

Cerabone® has marginal differences in porosity and mechanical properties of human trabecular bone.

The porosity (macroporosity) of the ceramic varies between 65 – 80 Vol. % and the pores size lies within a range of approximately 100 – 1,500 μm. Cerabone


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