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Buzz is the next generation of O.R. integration with intuitive multi-touch user interface and computer- and IP-based future-proof design. Buzz, the digital O.R. from Brainlab, is the clever central multi-touch information hub that routes, displays, interacts, streams, records and enhances medical images and videos. With its unambiguous, practical touch interface and broad range of features, Buzz is prepped for every O.R.

  • HIS and PACS integration
  • Displaying of multiple video sources (e.g. microscope, endoscope, O.R. camera, etc.)
  • Routing of video and other content on multiple displays
  • Audio-/ video conferencing and streaming
  • Documentation of screenshots and recordings
  • Indication specific Brainlab applications (e.g. surgical checklist, TraumaCad®, etc.)
  • Support of Brainlab Elements (e.g. DICOM viewer, SmartBrush®, ImageFusion, etc.)
  • Third party device control

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