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ATMOS C 051 Thorax


ATMOS C 051 Thorax

Digital thoracic drainage – is described by leading thoracic surgeons as the method of the

ATMOS MedizinTechnik GmbH & Co. KG have expanded their product spectrum with the new ATMOS C 051 Thorax, this system offers the optimal solution for every individual situation.

With this type of drainage system an electrical, battery and mains operated digitally controlled suction system adopts the function of vacuum generation and control. The components of the three-bottle system will be almost completely replaced. A canister replaces the secretion bottle, a motor-aggregate system replaces the vacuum source, suction control bottle and water seal. Various options are available with the use of a digital system e.g. the therapy progress can be measured and recorded. At the same time the patient’s safety is increased because the new digital systems also have automatic alarms and warnings. In addition the mobility of the patient is also increased as a result of the compact design of the digital drainage system.

Besides the since many years approved ATMOS S 201 Thorax and ATMOS E 201 Thorax with a suction performance of approx. 18 l/min and a secretion canister volume of approx. 2 l comes the new ATMOS C 051 Thorax to the market, a more compact system which will guarantee even greater mobility for patients. It has an ergonomic and appealing design, a suction performance of approx. 5 l/min and a secretion canister volume of 800 ml therefore it only weighs 1.3 kg.

The reliable intuitive user-guidance in the operating menu remains and this innovative product is used with a touchscreen combined with modern technology.

Display of the vacuum and airflow values for supporting the air leak management, an automatic hose rinsing function, a vacuum measurement directly at the patient to eliminate the siphon effect and extensive alarm functions are all part of the user-friendly features of the device.

Due to these characteristics the new ATMOS C 051 Thorax is not only suitable for the mobile application on the ward but is also suitable for the transfer from the in-patient to the outpatient sector.


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