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The APS Pro is a fully integrated nebulizer system for both the JAEGER® MasterScreen PFT Series and the SensorMedics Vmax product lines. The integrated design of APS Pro allows bronchial provocation protocols to use a single concentration of the challenge substance, making bronchial provocation testing cost effective, easier to perform and increases workflow efficiency. Computer controlled nebulization guarantees the amount of drug inhaled is reproducible. The patient‘s breathing pattern is displayed online in a flow/time diagram to control the inhalation of the challenge substance. APS Pro uses a high efficiency filter to eliminate the risk of cross-contamination.

  • APS Pro integrates into both Vmax and JAEGER® MasterScreen instruments.
  • The measurement programs to control the reaction of the challenge substance include Flow Volume Loops, IOS Impulse Oscillometry,Rocc and body plethysmography.
  • The adjustable delay time ensures an effective nebulization.
  • Warning messages when a preset parameter is out of limits.
  • User-defined end-of-test criteria supports both PC and PD calculations and can be set from any of the measurement programs used.

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