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In den Dorfwiesen 14
71720 Oberstenfeld, Germany
Foundation: 1984
Founder: Matthias Müller
Holder: Erhard Fichtner
Revenue: 10 Mio.
Employees: 35
Export portion: 90%
Sales markets: weltweit
Business fields: Medical imaging
Analogue and digital systems in radiology


Björn Salwat
Tel.: +49 (0) 7062-9255-0


T E A M  |  G E I S T  |  K Ö N N E N

]The company

PROTEC is a complete systems provider of X-ray technology. Our range embraces all product types, from patient x-ray tables and ultracompact analog X-ray film processors to high-resolution computed radiography (CR) and fully digital direct radiographic systems (DR). In addition we operate an in-house software engineering department. Highly trained manpower stands for quality products and perfect service. The whole range of PROTEC products complies with international standards for medical engineering. Certifications according to DIN ISO 9001:2008 and DIN ISO 13485:2003 testify not only to the outstanding quality of our products; they also demonstrate that all corporate processes satisfy the highest standards.
Living Corporate Culture


The concept of all being part of one big family is a living reality at PROTEC. In an atmosphere of mutual respect and trust everyone contributes his or her special talents and skills thus forming a highly motivated team that strives for success, even in the face of extreme challenges. The flat organizational structure and diverse range of ages and experience levels facilitates knowledge transfer, promotes outstanding commitment and advances the company’s collective corporate education which enables it to react quickly and effectively to market signals. However, the notion of team means even more at PROTEC. Our dealers and customers are by far our most important representatives and quite naturally are vital members of the team. Thus, the PROTEC family has developed today into a global network in which reliability is a primary focus.


To match one’s own skills with ever new challenges is always a fascinating experience. The passionate search for the perfect solution and the readiness to reinvent the wheel over and over again characterize the corporate culture on all levels at PROTEC. In the development as in the manufacturing and the technical service department everything is focused around meeting the special needs and concerns of our customers. They serve as our guideline and benchmark. The emphasis lies on team-oriented problem solving.


Over the course of three decades and during the era of digitalization, an extraordinary expertise in X-ray technology has been accumulated at PROTEC. The company is committed to utilize this knowledge to constantly advance developments in imaging technology. More than 20% of employees work in the development department. The overall aim is to find rugged and user-optimized solutions that can be used under all conceivable conditions. At PROTEC we take the label “Made in Germany” seriously. Additionally, Kanban – the production control system – allows maximum flexibility with minimal batch size as well as maintaining the shortest possible lead times for custom-made products.

Systems – Modules – Workflow

Analog & Digital from a Single Source

PROTEC stands for a range of products designed with a systemic approach. Our knowledge of the particularities of workflows in different fields of application allows the development of perfectly integrated overall systems. From patient X-ray tables to software all is available from a single source guaranteeing the same top quality standard for all components. Wide-ranging expertise turns the company into an ideal strategic partner for other industry providers.

PROTEC components fit perfectly into existing systems, thus allowing a cost-effective technological upgrade or a smooth transition to digitalization. PROTEC deliberately continues with the approved analog technology which in many fields of application remains unsurpassed for ruggedness and precision.


Worldwide Network

Global Feedback

The global market of health care services represents a considerable challenge. Diverging historical structures in different countries, varying medical standards and development trends call for a detailed knowledge of local conditions. This would be impossible for a medium sized enterprise without the feedback coming from a large network of highly specialized dealers. PROTEC is proud of the longstanding trustful cooperation with more than 500 authorized dealers in over 100 countries around the globe. They are at the core of our strong relationship with our customers worldwide and can always count on finding a sympathetic ear and active support.

PROTEC helps with local advertising and tradefair appearances, offers cost-free training, provides demo systems on easy terms, guarantees spare parts dispatch within 24 hours. In difficult cases competent PROTEC service employees will be available on site. Success confirms our concept. More than 90% of the PROTEC production is exported. Focusing on Emerging Markets bears fruit. Since 1994 PROTEC Asia based in Hong Kong supports the rapidly growing Chinese market.


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