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CareFusion Germany 234 GmbH

Leibnizstraße 7
97204 Höchberg, Germany
Foundation: 1954
Founder: Erich Jaeger
Holder: CareFusion Corp.
Employees: 540
Export portion: 65 %
Sales markets: worldwide
Business fields: Medical equipment for cardio, respiratory function, critical care and neurology


Rob Enthoven
Tel.: +31 (0)30 2289 711



Erich Jaeger laid the foundations of the company in 1954 when he founded a sales agency that used to supply university clinics with special medical equipment. A short time later, he commenced with the manufacturing of bicycle ergometers which were equipped with electric brakes. In 1958, he decided to enter the field of pulmonary function diagnostics. In 1963 the first industrially manufactured body plethysmograph was introduced followed in 1965 by the first complete laboratory for pulmonary function diagnostics. In 1978, the company Firma Toennies KG was integrated which has been at work in the field of electrophysiological diagnostics since 1937.

Since 2009, the company has been a part of CareFusion Corp. This entails numerous advantages for you as a customer. The individual companies have joined forces to offer you, now and in future, an even more comprehensive and sophisticated range of products. You will profit from a large-scale distribution team, seamless product range and an improved customer support. As before, you will continue purchasing high-quality products directly from manufacturer and have our training and service programs available. CareFusion will continue to remain your trusted partner with the same familiar contacts.


CareFusion is a broad-based corporate enterprise with more than 15.000 employees in 20 countries. Subsidiaries, distribution and service branches are situated in Europe, Africa, Middle East, USA, Australia and Asia. At our company in Höchberg near Würzburg, we employ approx. 540 experts in the development, production and distribution of medical diagnostic equipment.

Since its foundation, CareFusion has become a vital global partner in the field of cardio respiratory diagnostics. Our market share in Europe makes up to more than 65%. Due to the integration of more than 20 successful brands such as SensorMedics, Micro Medical, Pulmonetic Systems, Bird, Bear, Nicolet, EME, Pyxis and Alaris our product range has expanded to include areas such as artificial respiration, neurology, intensive care, sleep therapy and infusion. CareFusion is the technology partner for your customers, offering solutions from complete, cost-efficient routine systems for everyday medical practice situations all the way to technically sophisticated solutions for demanding applications.


CareFusion is not just a supplier of medical products — Our global distribution, service and training network, in more than 120 countries around the globe is there to provide you, our customer, comprehensive services. Our hotline employees ensure fast and professional support. Take time to browse through the CareFusion web information, print it out or download it onto your hard disk for your convenience.



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