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Ureofix® Compact is a compact closed sterile urine measurement system dedicated to diuresis and visual evaluation of urine quality, which allows an accurate urine volume measurement.

• Rigid 2-compartment container with a capacity of 500 ml
o Dry Pasteur drip chamber with anti-reflux valve to prevent retrograde migration of bacteria and venting air inlet filters for pressure balance
o Vented measuring chamber divided in 2 compartments with 50 ml and up to 500 ml fine measuring for accurate urine measurement
o Fast emptying of the container (Test report n°7.10.W.019.1)
• 2 L bottom outlet bag
• Transparent tubing with slide clamp available in 150 cm length
• Needle-free sampling port on the tubing stage connector to avoid needle-stick injuries and prevent cross contamination
• Large choice of fixation solutions on all types of beds and supports:
o 2 punched hole straps for permanent fixation on the bed frame
o Integrated removable double hook pre-mounted on the back side of the container for quick fixation
o Pin strap for permanent fixation and quick repositioning


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