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Kogel small-part trays, with their patented double-frame, guarantee an optimized organisation of sterile materials. Silicon holding systems, as well as different product specific storage solutions, allow the individual packing of varying instruments.

An overview of the benefits

– Patented double frame, necessity for handling safety
– Fine mesh Sizes guarantee an optimized organisation of instruments,
even in tiny Dimensions
– Optimum rinsing and drying results
(without residues and pockets of contamination)
– Clipable longitudinal and lateral divider systems (modular systems)

Tray 1/6:
236 x 73,5 x 29 mm
236 x 73,5 x 6 mm
Wire dispenser:
223 x 60,5 x 24,5 mm
Tray & lid:
2,5 x 2,5 x 0,7 mm
Wire dispenser set,
inclusvie lid and clips


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