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If you only have adult patients to treat in your ICU, the SERVO-i Adult configuration is your given choice from a cost and treatment perspective. The standard configuration comprises ventilation modes and functions for stabilized patients. Options like Pressure Regulated Volume Control (PRVC) and Volume Support (VS) can easily be added on.
Find out more about some of the key features and benefits of SERVO-i Adult:

* Supports invasive as well as non-invasive ventilation with leakage compensation
* Transportation with no loss of treatment quality within and between hospitals
* Allows for investigation of different treatment options like Open Lung Tool® and Automode®

SERVO-i Adult can easily be upgraded with additional functionality and/or a wider patient range. Backwards compatibility ensures that future functionality can be added. MAQUET can offer you to try out new functions or modes during a number of weeks.
For more information please contact your local MAQUET representative.


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