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JiveX Enterprise PACS
Modern Image Management in Radiology

Imaging is the linchpin of medical care in the independent sector and in in-patient establishments because the rapid and precise diagnosis of the image data plays a central role for therapeutic progress and ultimately for the success of the treatment. The continuous development of imaging modalities and the resulting, additional image information, as well as the increasing necessity of interdisciplinary and cross-sector exchange, however, daily bring diagnosticians face-to-face with new challenges. In order to provide the highest level of diagnostics despite the increasing demands, intelligent IT solutions are in demand, which offer the user customized support in his daily routine.

Flexibility through standardization
Here, together with a wide variety of functions, the functional depth, interoperability and good scalability of a system are crucial. JiveX Enterprise PACS fulfills these requirements and is designed to fit in perfectly with the respective IT environment, regardless of whether it’s in a hospital, a practice, a department or a network. The consistent application of internationally recognized standards such as DICOM, HL7 and the implementation of a considerable number of IHE profiles, such as XDS, enables the accessibility of all imaging modalities, regardless of the vendor, as well as bidirectional integration into leading systems such as RIS or KIS. As a result, seamless and trouble-free communication and the cross-system consistency of sensitive patient data is guaranteed. This is not only true within the boundaries of a department or facility, but over and above this as well: subsidiaries or external partners can be integrated firmly into the workflow via JiveX Multi-Site-Query or DICOM e-mail and hence benefit from all the advantages of rapid image and diagnosis communication.

Increased efficiency in your daily routine

Various DICOM conversion tools also ensure that the data relevant to the findings, which are not traditionally available in DICOM format (PDF, JPG, Video or EKG data), can be imported into the PACS. In addition, external exposures, which a patient supplies on CD or DVD, for example, or which are transferred online via DICOM communication, can be easily incorporated into the PACS. In order to avoid inconsistencies in the data mapping, JiveX matches various patient characteristics (e.g. the name or date of birth) with the data in the KIS and thus recognizes that the data pertains to an existing patient ID. Using the error list display, however, the program also assists the user to allocate the data easily by hand, where there is a different spelling, for example.

JiveX Enterprise PACS stands for secure and intelligent image allocation and archiving and optimizes each individual process step within the diagnostic process: from rapid image selection, even where there is a large volume of data, using the communications server, through powerful support tools for the evaluation, to simplifying interdisciplinary, interdepartmental or cross-institution communication, for example, using intelligent calendar and presentation tools.

Customized workflow support
JiveX Enterprise PACS can be adapted to the requirements of its users. Whether by individually configurable workstations, for example, providing hanging and reading protocols, or by specialist tools. Along with radiology, the application and functional range also includes radiotherapy, teleradiology and specific solutions for mammography and tomosynthesis.

Functional Highlights
Diversity for reliable and rapid diagnosis

Regardless of whether the diagnosis is made in the practice or in the hospital radiology department, one thing is clear: Time is a deciding factor and, because of increasing numbers of cases, time is becoming more and more scarce. So, to guarantee an excellent and reliable diagnosis in spite of this, JiveX provides a variety of functionalities, which optimize the work of the radiologist and organize it more efficiently.


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