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Proven Reliability and Effectiveness for Cooling and Warming

The Heater-Cooler Unit HCU 20 ensures fast, accurate and safe regulation of the patient’s temperature.

The system features a large cooling tank and powerful heating elements that ensure highly effective cooling and rewarming. The water tank is continuously cooled, even if the unit rewarms the patient. This means that when needed a rapid temperature change is always possible at the water outlets.

The HCU 20 is equipped with a dual head (pressure and suction) circulation pump. Two external water circuits for blood heat exchangers and blankets can be attached – each with their own water flow regulation system.

The HCU 20 can be fitted with a UV lamp to prevent the growth of microbes in the water.

The HCU 20 is directly controllable from the system control panels of the HL 20 Heart-Lung Machine. With the Remote Control Unit RCU 20, the HCU 20 can be remotely controlled from any heart-lung machine. The RCU 20 has a temperature sensor input and allows the HCU 20 to be controlled in an external "patient mode" with adjustable maximum temperature gradients for physiologically optimized heating and cooling.


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