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deltaclima® energy-saving systems


We‘ll boost the heart of your hospital‘s IT:
Innovative climate concepts by Weiss

The deltaclima® series units reduce power consumption for fans and cooling by up to 50 percent. Thanks to this enormous energy saving, deltaclima® is an investment that will pay itself back rapidly not just in new installations but also when retrofitted later in existing IT climate technology.

Cool intelligence: deltaclima® energy-saving systems
By relocating the fan motor unit to underneath the floor, deltaclima® energy-saving systems set new standards. This revolutionary design principle brings you the following advantages:

  • Larger heat exchanger and filter surfaces for the same amount of space taken up
  • Low internal losses
  • Far lower power consumption but the same cooling capacity

deltaclima® energy-saving systems are available as air-cooled or watercooled direct evaporators, and as free coolers. The water-cooled series can be combined with a deltachiller® free cooling battery.

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