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Infusion Equipment-Devices,

Luer activated valve developed as needlefree injection port in IV applications


  • Provides needle-free IV access, eliminating the risk of needle stick injuries
  • Clear design helps verify proper flush
  • Smooth surfaces designed for easy cleaning
  • Easy-grip barrel designed to minimize slips and touch contamination
  • Acceptable for high-pressure use with power injectors
  • Open fluid path designed to minimize areas where bacteria can collect


  • Not made with PVC, DEHP or natural rubber latex
  • Lipid resistant
  • Compatible with Luer-Slip and Luer-Lock
  • Split septum valve technology
  • Flow rate 148-208 mL/min
  • Priming volume 0.22 ml
  • Fluid displacement 0.03 ml (positive)
  • Number of accesses: up to 216
  • Pressure 400 psi and a maximum flow rate of 15mL/sec
  • Replace Caresite per CDC guidelines and / or institutional protocol

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