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The Blood Monitoring Unit BMU 40 is an inline monitoring device for continuous measuring of vital blood parameters during extracorporeal circulation. The measuring values are oxygen partial pressure (paO2) and temperature (Ta) on the arterial side as well as oxygen saturation (SvO2), hemoglobin (Hb), hematocrit (HCT), and temperature (Tv) again on the venous side. The values are displayed on a 10.4” touch screen monitor, offering enough space for the clear arrangement of the measuring values and the important display and control elements.

With the BMU 40 from MAQUET, time-consuming and costly calibration procedures using calibration gases are a thing of the past. This is enabled by a unique barcode calibration system. In order to minimize any measuring tolerances whilst the heart-lung machine is in use, the calibration data of the BMU 40 sensors and the BMU 40 cells are set by MAQUET in the factory and encoded in a label. This label is read in directly before use, using a barcode scanner integrated into the BMU 40. In conjunction with the latest sensor technology, this enables the achievement of unrivalled measuring precision.


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