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The ATMOS S 41 Gyne creates a harmonious medical workspace for the doctor.

The unique workstation concept from ATMOS centralized and integrates necessary equipment for diagnostic and treatment, which improves your workflow. Based on your findings ambulatory procedures can be provided directly without any standby time in one treatment area.

Application examples:
● Colposcopy
● Biopsies
● Diagnostic hysteroscopy
● Polyp ablation
● artificial abortion
● Suction Curettage
● Sonography

The patient should feel comfortable during medical procedures. Time loss and inconvenience due to room changes for additional procedures is unnecessary. Reduced waiting time also improves the quality of treatment.
The ATMOS S 41 Gyne includes ergonomically designed modules that can be tailored to your individual business needs. Retrofitting options and module principle allow customers situational decisions.

One partner for whole workstations simplifies integration of necessary equipment and ideal interaction.

S 41 Gyne – the Highlights
● efficient workflow
● Compact setup
● Ergonomic design
● Modular setup allows system customization
● Flexible retrofitting options
● mobile Workstation


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