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ATMOS E 201 Thorax/ATMOS S 201 Thorax


The disadvantages of present-day thoracic drainage systems are clear:

  • insufficient flow for large fistulas
  • imprecise information about the patient’s status
  • unrecordable progression of healing
  • risky syphon effect
  • insufficient alarm function

Furthermore central vacuum systems (multi-chamber systems) cause patients to remain immobile which results in longer bed occupation times in the clinic and may cause a risk during transport within the hospital.

Together with leading surgeons ATMOS has confronted this problem and presented the new generation of thoracic drainage systems ATMOS E 201 Thorax and ATMOS S 201 Thorax. These new systems rank among the most powerful thoracic drainage systems worldwide. At the same time the necessary fine adjustment is also possible. The hyper-accurate ATMOS flow measuring system makes it possible to readout the current flow parameters with to-the-second precision (real-time). Naturally this data can be recorded and shown in the colour display (only the ATMOS S 201 Thorax), giving information about the progression of healing and replacing, in the majority of cases, the regular x-raying of the lungs. Via an integrated micro SD card the stored data can be read out.

The often dangerous occurring siphon effect is excluded, because the ATMOS drainage system constantly monitors the set parameters close to the patient and automatically balances changes in the status. An additional hose rinsing function prevents from residues. In addition the alarm function is laid out so that the alarm is easily recognised and heard in a noisy environment. A potential-free contact can be used to connect the ATMOS S 201 Thorax to a nurse call system.

All in all with the ATMOS thoracic drainage system a considerable reduction in costs by shortened bed occupation times, increased therapeutic safety, reduced care effort as well as a gap-free documentation can be achieved.


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