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October 22, 2019 / Weiss Klimatechnik GmbH
Vindur® TOP secondary air cooler unit with thermal disinfection system

The standards DIN 1946-4 and VDI 6022 redefine the hygiene requirements for rooms occupied by people. Secondary air cooler units must be equipped with two filter stages, be easily accessible and simple to clean and maintain. The innovative Vindur Top® secondary air cooler unit from Weiss MediClean® is the first unit to meet these requirements and thanks to the thermal disinfection system, it offers an additional option to further improve hygiene.

New hygiene requirements for air-conditioning equipment
DIN 1946-4 room class II includes patient rooms, examination and recovery rooms, and also control rooms for CT and MRT as rooms occupied by persons. However, even work stations in office and industrial buildings, sports facilities, break rooms as well as sales and event rooms are subject to the requirements of VDI 6022. Weiss MediClean®, the air conditioning specialist, is the first to offer a secondary air cooler unit that reliably meets the new requirements in the form of Vindur® TOP.

Hygienically and economically cool secondary air
Secondary air cooler units are air circulation systems that are often deployed as additional or retrofit solutions when the primary building air-conditioning is not adequately dimensioned in all rooms or additional cooling is required. In the process, condensate can be produced when cooling off the air and it becomes a breeding ground for bacteria and mould. In particular, they grow during the unit’s downtime and may be spread around the whole room when it is started again. In order to avoid this situation, Vindur® TOP is equipped with a two stage filter (suction side PM1/≥ 50%, pressure side PM1/≥ 80%).

Thermal disinfection system to improve hygiene (optional)
In order to further improve hygiene, Vindur® TOP units can be optionally equipped with thermal disinfection system. The newly developed procedure effectively prevents the growth of microorganisms, such as bacteria and mould, in the air-conditioning unit. For this purpose, a humidity gauge controls the sequential heating and complete drying out of the heat exchanger and condensate pan so that all mircoorganisms are reliably killed off.

Easy to access, to clean and exchange parts
Regarding the observation of the regulations, it is also important that the unit is easy to access, to clean and to exchange spare parts. With Vindur® TOP all relevant unit parts are optimally accessible thanks to the housing flap that opens downwards. Its smooth surfaces are easy to clean and disinfect.

Simple handling, two models
Vindur® TOP secondary air cooler units can either be installed under the ceiling or integrated in a false ceiling with duct connections mounted on the suction and pressure sides. They are equipped with an energy efficient EC fan and a cooler with a condensate lifting pump. Air volume and temperature can be simply and comfortably controlled over the DDC control unit with web visualisation using the room control console or touch display.