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November 16, 2019 / B. Braun Melsungen AG
Three-billion Ecoflac solution containers produced in Melsungen and sold worldwide since 2005

The LIFE plant in Melsungen has reached another milestone.  On Tuesday, November 12th, the three-billionth infusion solution in an Ecoflac container left the production line. The members of the production team joined their guests from different B. Braun departments in waiting until the display board showed the number 3,000,000,000. Then, Chairwoman of the Management Board Ms. Anna-Maria Braun, as well as member of the Management Board Meinrad Lugan removed the three-billionth Ecoflac solution container at production line EP500.

Michael Dally, Plant Manager LIFE, thanked his team and made clear what success had just been achieved with some additional impressive figures: B. Braun has sold around 7.5-billion Ecoflac solution containers to date, three billion of which as a result of the work performed at the Pfieffewiesen facility. With the processed solution volume of nearly 1.2-billion liters, the “Waldschwimmbad“ public swimming pool in Melsungen could be filled about 1,862 times.

“LIFE is a great and efficient factory. No other factory in the world produces more infusion solutions at this quality level,” explained Daily.

“Through our work, every day each of us contributes to providing the best quality at good manufacturing prices with remarkable delivery reliability. Even 15 years after its opening, LIFE is still without equal,” according to the Plant Manager.

Anna Maria Braun offered her congratulations and thanked everyone who played a part in achieving this output. “Three-billion Ecoflac infusion solutions are a great accomplishment. Many colleagues from different areas of the company contributed to this success by exemplifying excellent teamwork,” said the Chairwoman.

Bernd Malkmes, Vice President Pharma Operations, emphasized that the three-billionth Ecoflac is the highlight thus far of a success story that began in 2005. Since then, several milestones have been passed, such as the one-billionth Ecoflac solution container in 2011. “According to our original plans, the three-billionth Ecoflac solution container was expected to be produced in 2025. Thanks to the high efficiency and expansion of production to seven days, this was achieved six years earlier. We would be very pleased if we could continue at this level up to at least the five-billionth Ecoflac solution container,” Malkmes summed up with satisfaction.