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Board of Directors & Members of the Board

  • portrait
    Ronald Singer
    Siemens AG Healthcare
    Henkestr. 127
    D-91052 Erlangen
    Tel.:+49/228/919 37-15
    Fax.:+49/228/919 37-23
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    „The purpose of GHE is to enable small and medium-sized companies as well as global players in medical technology to share their knowledge and expertise. Given the variety of products and services provided by our members, they can produce customer oriented solutions for almost any contingency medical professionals may encounter - to the benefit of patients worldwide.“
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    Vice Chairman
    Erhard Fichtner
    PROTEC GmbH & Co. KG
    In den Dorfwiesen 14
    D-71720 Oberstenfeld
    e-mail: send E-Mail
    „Proximity to customers and excellent service – that’s the key to success of German medical technology in global competition.“
Members of the Board
  • Member of the Board/Treasurer
    Heike Lange
    Beta Publishing GmbH
    Celsiusstr. 43
    D-53125 Bonn
    e-mail: send E-Mail
    „The GHE aims at solving clients´ problems instead of just selling products.“
  • Member of the Board
    Ingo Czink
    Hirtz & Co. KG
    Bonner Str. 180
    50968 Köln
    Tel.:+49/221/376 7812
    e-mail: send E-Mail
    „I am proud to contribute my experience and energy to this active business network linking German suppliers of medtech solutions and services with leading clients and users. This powerhouse of approximately 50 German healthcare companies will significantly contribute to expanding the availability of excellent, high-quality solutions "Made in Germany" on a global scale.“
  • Member of the Board
    Thomas Kraft
    Brainlab Sales GmbH
    Kapellenstr. 12
    D-85622 Feldkirchen
    Tel.:+49/89/99 15 68-0
    e-mail: send E-Mail
    „I am excited about contributing to this group of German Medical Devices Manufacturers and Service Providers in helping to establish their technology and knowledge for the benefits of patients everywhere. Patients and physicians all over the world deserve to have access to these great solutions and together we aim at enhancing this accessibility!“

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