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MEDICA 2018 - with main emphasis on digitization
German Healthcare Export Group (GHE) e.V.
Atmos as host of the GHE- Summer meeting on July 3th, 2018

Member News

September 23, 2018 

See more, Simply in Microsurgery

Leica introduces the new PROVIDO multidisciplinary microsurgery microscope Leica Microsystems launches the first PROVIDO multidisciplinary microsurgery microscope, that sets the bar for a new standard for visualization quality in its class. The top-of-the-line optics and illumination combined for the first time into a responsive, stable floor stand, allow surgeons to see more, simply. PROVIDO features…

September 7, 2018 

Schölly takes care of its own junior staff of mechatronics engineers

Since this year, Schölly has fulfilled the requirements for vocational training of mechatronics engineers. The two newly created training positions for 2018 were awarded within a very short time. Mechatronics engineers learn how to assemble mechanical, electrical and electronic components. They assemble these components into complex systems, install control software and maintain the systems. The…


Kögel GmbH

Storage for syringes and needles

Construction: Made of chromium-nickel steel 18/10, seamless processed; middle-shelf, equipment: with 4 partitions of plexiglass at each compartment, variable adjustable Designation: Storage for syringes and needles Dimensions (W x D x H): 580 x 350 x 275 mm Product no.: 27.542.2290  

Kögel GmbH

Module-basket divider longitudinal, stainless steel

Construction Made of chromium-nickel steel 18/10, aligned to module baskets accordingly to ISO-norm   Designation Dimensions Product no. Module-basket divider longitudinal 300 x 109 mm 26.205.01xx 400 x 109 mm 26.205.01xx 400 x 185 mm 26.205.01xx 600 x 109 mm 26.205.01xx 600 x 185 mm 26.205.01xx  


The professional multi-purpose exerciser for legs and upper body. The model THERA-Trainer tigo 510 is the perfect leg and upper body exerciser especially in case of limited space.

3B Scientific GmbH

3B Scientific® anatomical charts

3B Scientific® anatomical charts in poster size, ideal for training, patient education and medical studies! You will find the key aspects on each of the various topics, such as the human skeleton and musculature, eyes, ears, heart, lungs, nerves and diseases, including diabetes mellitus, hepatitis, cancer, allergies etc. All charts are graphically illustrated and expertly…

GHE News

November 16, 2018

On the way to the digitization of the medical offer

MEDICA comes to an end after four eventful days. The more than 100,000 trade visitors were able to experience the complete range of modern patient care in hospitals and medical practices live by segments. More than 5,000 exhibitors have presented their latest medical products and innovations. The process flows in patient treatment are being digitized…

Digitization in health care – three practical examples

Digitization – with key words such as a networked hospital, digital transformation, artificial intelligence, analysis of large databases using algorithms (big data) as well as data and cyber security – is on everyone’s lips in the healthcare industry and also at MEDICA. However, the implementation has often not yet reached the desired level. In the…

November 15, 2018

GHE-members experience MEDICA live

The booth of the GHE member Barkey GmbH & Co. KG, a specialist in medical heating devices, was this year on the Round Tour of diplomats. “The diplomatic tour is a great way to make qualified contacts at a different, namely political, level. When visiting the foreign government representatives at our booth, we could feel…


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