seca 360° wireless – the new era of weighing and measuring

Now the company is taking an important step in the direction of future technology with its offer of a unique system solution that is seamlessly integrated in modern medical practice and hospital equipment. The new seca 360° wireless system resolves the problems of precise data capture, transmission and interpretation of weight, height and other general health parameters. This step advances seca from a product provider to a system provider.

When you step onto the scale every morning in the privacy of your own home, it's unlikely that you stop to think about the scale as a precision instrument in the practice of medicine. But in many fields of medicine, close monitoring of weight is extremely important. Body weight, for example, is used to determine fluid levels in burn patients in the intensive care unit. Medical personnel closely monitor the physical development of premature infants with low birth weights for whom every single gram counts. Growth disorders and malnutrition can be diagnosed only when exact measurements of weight and height are known.
Moreover, exact knowledge of weight and height are becoming even more important against the backdrop of the so-called "obesity epidemic". Overweight has developed into a global problem. Worldwide it is the fastest-growing health risk, with the concomitant diseases of diabetes mellitus, lipometabolism disorders and high blood pressure. The World Health Organization (WHO) has referred to this problem as an epidemic for years. Approximately 20% of adults in Europe and more than 30% of adults in the USA are considered obese.
On top of that, fewer doctors have to care for increasing numbers of patients. More than ever before doctors want to be able to do more in fewer steps. This goal is achievable only when future-oriented medical technology designed to save the user time and effort can get a foothold in medical practices and hospitals.

In the past 170 years seca has developed from a manufacturer of all kinds of scales to a specialist for medical scales and measuring instruments. No other manufacturer offers such a broad assortment. The goal: in all medical fields in which weighing and measuring the patient are essential steps, we want to help doctors by providing groundbreaking technology and customized products. With the unique product system seca 360° wireless, we have once again achieved our goal.

seca 360° wireless system – the complete solution

With the seca 360° wireless system seca presents not just one product but a complete network for diagnostic support. seca Managing Director Robert M. Vogel said, "seca 360° wireless is the first product system of its kind in the world. It eases the workload of doctors and nurses because it puts the measurements exactly where they are needed and supports the interpretation of the data."
The connected seca scales and measuring instruments transmit the data via a special medical wireless protocol into the seca network. The user can decide for himself where data are received – on a seca 360° wireless printer or directly into a PC equipped with the software seca analytics 105. The software guarantees the quick analysis and interpretation of the measurements. If an Electronic Medical Record system is in use, the seca 360° wireless system forwards height and weight to it and makes other analyses available as PDF files. Thus the seca product system is "EMR integrated" and prepared to handle digital patient files.

The benefits for the user are obvious. In many examinations it is standard practice to assess nutritional condition by weighing and measuring the patient. The seca 360° wireless system saves time in data capture and documentation and offers a completely new type of assistance with diagnosis. Variances with standard values are recognized early and presented in clear graphic form.
During product development seca worked closely with internationally respected scientists and doctors from the fields of pediatrics, nutrition and internal medicine. Managing Director Vogel said, "This system was developed with specialists in daily practice within the scope of extensive studies. In doctors' offices or hospitals, anyone interested in error-free documentation of results and fast data analysis will be impressed by seca 360° wireless."

The launch of the product system seca 360° wireless kicks off a new era in weighing and measuring and presents the manufacturer in a new light as seca advances from a product provider to a system provider.

The seca 360° wireless product system in detail:

• Baby scale seca 376
The wireless baby scale seca 376 has an adjustable damping function, BMIF and HOLD functions. It transmits weight measurements at the touch of a key quickly and securely over the seca 360° wireless network.

• Measuring station seca 285
The new measuring station seca 285 makes weighing and measuring possible in a single step. The Body-Mass Index (BMI) calculated from these two values is automatically shown on the three-line multi-function touch display. The weighing capacity is 300 kilograms. Results are wirelessly transmitted to a seca 360°wireless printer or PC.

• Column scale seca 704
The wireless column scale seca 704 can weigh up to 250 kilograms and simultaneously receive data from the seca 360° wireless stadiometer for quick and convenient calculation of BMI.

• Stadiometer seca 264 and Stadiometer seca 274
The digital stadiometers seca 264 (wall-mounted) and seca 274 (free-standing) with white backlit display in the headpiece are both known for their great stability. The seca Frankfurt Line guarantees precise positioning of the head and therefore exact measurement results. Both stadiometers transmit height measurements wirelessly to seca 360° wireless scales, printers or a PC.

• 360° wireless printer seca 465
The 360° wireless printer seca 465 eliminates the extra step to a PC and offers additional analysis options for total energy consumption or BMI. The printout can also be customized, for instance, with a practice or hospital logo.

• 360° wireless USB adapter seca 456
The seca 360° wireless USB adapter seca 456 equips PCs to receive data transmitted by seca 360° wireless devices.

• Software seca analytics 105
Via the seca 360° wireless USB adapter seca 456, the medical software seca analytics 105 can receive and interpret data sent by seca products to the PC and compare the data to statistical norms. Three modules – "Cardiometabolic Risk", "Growth/Development" and "Energy" – assist in data interpretation.

The advantages of the new seca 360° wireless system at a glance:

Time-saving measuring and analysis
Obtaining the patient's height and weight is an essential step in making a diagnosis and therapy decisions. Until now medical personnel had to handwrite the data into the patient file. That takes time. With seca 360° wireless, data can be stored directly in the seca database, fed into an EMR system and analyzed and formatted by the software seca analytics 105. The software compares the measurements with statistical norms and visualizes the results in such a way that the doctor can skip the time-consuming step of comparing the results to reference charts.

Error-free data capture
When a patient needs special attention while being weighed and measured, the attending nurse or doctor can be distracted and make mistakes in recording the results. This kind of error is now history because seca scales and measuring instruments transmit data directly via seca's own secure wireless protocol to receiving devices.

Unique support of diagnosis and consultation
The software seca analytics 105 analyzes captured data on the doctor's PC with the help of three modules, "Energy", "Cardiometabolic Risk" and "Growth/Development". These modules offer a completely new kind of diagnostic support as they compare the patient's measurements with internationally recognized statistical norms, plot development trends and thus increase the overall quality of the medical examination.
Diagrams generated on the PC or printouts help the doctor to interpret the data and present his findings to the patient.

Trouble-free usage
Like all seca products, the individual scales and measuring instruments in the 360° wireless system are technically sophisticated and easy to use. This combination can be seen in seca's own wireless protocol in which the individual components automatically and securely log into the network when they are switched on. Thanks to the system's high degree of automation, the transmission, reception and analysis of measurement data are fast and error-free.

The right solution for everyone
The right seca 360° wireless solution can be found to satisfy the requirements of a doctor in his own practice or the needs of a large hospital. In a small network, for example, measurements from a seca 360° wireless product can be transmitted directly to a printer. In a mid-sized solution a PC receives data from the wireless network by means of the seca 360° wireless USB adapter for subsequent analysis by the software seca analytics 105. Up to 45 seca 360° wireless products plus computer can form a network serving several rooms. The network can also be given access to an Electronic Medical Record (EMR) system where height and weight and additional analyses are made available in PDF files.

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