New Sleep Apnea Mask

The new sleep Apnea Mask by Weinmann. (Photo: Weinmann)

The new sleep Apnea Mask by Weinmann. (Photo: Weinmann)

HAMBURG. Weinmann kicks off international sales of its new nasal pillow mask NP15. The name reveals the mask's distinguishing feature: the sound level of the mask at 15 dB(A) makes it by far the quietest mask for its application.

Based on its examination of several international studies on the human face, Weinmann has developed a mask fit for NP 15 that offers great wearing comfort and thus improves patient compliance with therapy. Other innovative features that promote patient comfort and therapy efficiency include very flexible anchoring options and tube guidance, which lets the patient direct the tube over his head or along the side of his head and fix it in place. Two ball-and-socket joints give the patient unlimited freedom of movement while keeping the mask firmly on the face.

Product Manager Tanja Derlien explains how easy it is to use the NP15: "The headgear is color-coded to make intuitive use possible. The flexible tube anchoring, simple forehead support setting and the individually movable nasal pillows let the patient adjust the mask the way he wants it. Because the NP 15 is so comfortable to wear, it promotes better therapy compliance." The mask is delivered ready for use, complete with all three pillow sizes (S, M and L). With the NP15 Weinmann offers many replacement parts which can be ordered separately to help users reduce costs and prolong the service life of the mask.

The first German manufacturer of therapy devices for Sleep-Disordered Breathing, Weinmann can claim decades of success in this field and market leadership in emergency medicine products such as ventilation and suction.

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