Innovative New Video Bronchoscope with DeepVu Technology from Schölly Fiberoptic GmbH

The new Video Bronchoscope equipped with advanced and innovative features. (Photo: Schölly)

The new Video Bronchoscope equipped with advanced and innovative features. (Photo: Schölly)

DENZLINGEN. Schölly Fiberoptic GmbH will release a new Video Bronchoscope equipped with advanced and innovative features at the upcoming MEDICA 2009.

Including all the standard features such as 2-way tip deflection, working channel and suction; this new Video Bronchoscope will incorporate two world’s first bronchoscope innovations: CMOS Chip-in-the-Tip Video Technology and a revolutionary integrated DeepVu LED Illumination System which produces a new dimension of illumination strength. This ultra-modern product delivers a full format image to the monitor, comes with a compact easy-to-use controller, and offers multiple options for photo and video archiving.

All features, incorporated into a modern design and built with the highest quality materials, will come at a price far below existing video bronchoscope systems.
Designed with the input of leading lung and pulmonary specialists this bronchoscope will impress users with both its ease of use and level of innovation. The controller unit is plug-and-play with easy start-up. Its compact size saves table space and the simple controls eliminate the need for lengthy training. The controller is completely silent since it does not require a cooling fan. All video settings are preprogrammed, so no complicated and time consuming set-up is necessary. A single cable leads from the controller to the ergonomic handpiece. The handpiece includes the tip deflection lever, working channel port, suction valve, and buttons for taking photos and illumination adjustment. High-powered LEDs are incorporated inside the handpiece. These LEDs eliminate the need for costly replacement bulbs.

Schölly Fiberoptic GmbH will offer this product through their international subsidiaries and is looking for OEM or Private Label partners.

We are pleased to launch the first product generation at MEDICA 2009 and look forward to welcome you in hall 12, booth A63.

Editorial Office GHE/Schölly

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