MAQUET Presents a new generation of surgical lights with the PowerLED 500

Operationroom (Photo: Maquet)

Operationroom (Photo: Maquet)

RASTATT. With the market launch of the PowerLED 500 MAQUET is expanding its PowerLED product series based on LED technology.

The PowerLED newly developed by the MAQUET Innovation Center in Ardon/Orléans, France, offers the surgeon extraordinary comfort and with its unique features, such as dynamic electric illumination control represented by the flux stability program (FSP) and automatic illumination management (AIM), sets new standards for the future deployment of surgical lights. At the same time the technology used with the PowerLED system is convincing thanks to its excellent performance and economic efficiency.

“Just point and shoot” is the secret behind the ease of use of the PowerLED. Thanks to one-off positioning of the surgical light, further focusing is superfluous, and the entire lighting has extraordinary depth and volume. Warm-white second-generation LEDs ensure a constant lighting field and the necessary clarity of tissue perception – which is required above all with difficult operations. Optimized heat management and the associated reduction in heat radiation avoid the drying out of tissue and ensure a pleasant climate in the operating environment.

A unique stabilization of the light flux is guaranteed by the patented FSP (Flux Stability Program). This compensates for the heat generated by the LEDs and the reduction in the illumination strength associated with this phenomenon: FSP ensures that the illumination strength remains constant during the OR day.
With its Automatic Illumination Management (AIM) the PowerLED has a revolutionary system to ascertain the presence of any obstacles in the path of the optical beam: With the aid of sensors the position of the object is calculated, the illumination strength of the LEDs in the concealed area reduced and that in the free area increased. The result is the permanent illumination of the OR field. In addition, the well through-out arrangement of the illuminants means there is excellent shadow cancellation.

Thanks to the optimization of LED technology the PowerLED 500 generates more light with less power – and at the same time makes an active contribution to environmental protection with a 30% saving in energy. The long service life of the lamp guarantees secure investment protection: With a service life of ca. 40,000 hours the PowerLED 500 has an extremely long life, merely causing low maintenance costs

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