New organ and diaper scale by seca

The new organ and diaper scale by seca (Photo: seca)

The new organ and diaper scale by seca (Photo: seca)

HAMBURG. Medicine is precision work. Doctors and medical staff must be able to rely on the precision and functionality of their measuring devices. The new organ and diaper scale seca 856 can be used in every sector.

The seca 856 is as safe and easy to clean as is required in its area of application. As the display is slightly raised, it cannot be soiled by possibly leaking fluids. And the battery compartment and feet on the base have been sealed off in such a way that no fluid can seep into the scale and damage the electronics.

The pre-TARE function makes it possible: The specific weight of organs or tissue can be measured easily and reliably, even in a container. When the function is activated, the additional weight of the container is first measured and stored and then automatically deducted from the combined weight value.

The seca 856 has a robust surface of stainless steel which is easy to clean and thus meets all the hygiene demands made on a medical device. As the scale is battery operated, it can be used anywhere. And, to make sure that the battery lasts as long as possible, the automatic switch-off function guarantees low power consumption.

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