KLS Martin presents new products at MEDICA

The KLS-Martin-Diodenlaser Diomax (Photo: KLS Martin)

The KLS-Martin-Diodenlaser Diomax (Photo: KLS Martin)

TUTTLINGEN. This year the group KLS Martin again presented some very interesting product novelties at the world´s largest medical technology trade fair, at MEDICA in Düsseldorf.

One of the products is the KLS Martin Diode Laser Diomax. It posseses with 980 nm wavelength a high absorption (effectiveness) with blood. Furthermore there is a large screen for clear display of all the important treatment parameters. Another great benefit are the 50 program storage locations for easy operation. Extremely thin catheters and laser fibers guarantee gentle treatment, even for smaller leg veins (lateral branches). Dependable ultrasonic catheter position control due to laser engraving.

Another new instrument is the marSeal. It is a bipolar sealing system. The reusable sealing system with the new mar seal instrument secures permanent occlusion of veins, arteries and tissue bundles with subsequent dissection and no instrument exchange required! A great Advantage that carry weight is the cost reduction due to minimized use of disposables. Disposable blade guarantees optimal cutting results in any situation. Modular system with different shaft lengths can be used in laparoscopic and open surgery. Above that an easy cleaning is guaranteed because the instrument can be taken apart completely and is autoclavable at 134°C (273°F).

The newest bipolar sealing system marClamp® in combination with the current type SealSafe® offers the possibility of sealing veins, arteries and tissue bundles. A secure hemostasis can be achieved, comparable to classical hemostasis methods applying mechanical clamps andligation techniques
The Advantages of the system are time saving, as well as an easy set-up and handling. There is no use of foreign material thus no foreign body reactions and better wound healing is guaranteed.
In oncosurgery the tumour cells are destroyed in the SealSafe® zone Furthermore ensure different clamp sizes a wide range of applications.
The Universal HF generator can be used for all surgical disciplines.

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